Ocean Beach Roasters–Fabulous Coffee! Amazing Baked Goods!

Ocean Beach Roasters

841 Point Brown Ave NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Overall:  Adults—4/5   Kids—5/5     $$/$$$$$

Sleep, coffee, work, kids, coffee, sleep—that pretty much sums up our adult days.  So finding a good coffee spot while on vacation is essential.  In Ocean Shores they are also very elusive and, unlike the rest of Washington State, not found on every corner.  So it was with great delight that we found the Ocean Beach Roasters to begin with and over-the-moon JOY when we actually tried it and it was AMAZING!

The establishment is found in a very unassuming, what appears to be, a renovated a-frame house, right on the main street as you pull into Ocean Shores.  It has adorable red Adirondack chairs welcoming you along its front porch and, as you get closer to the door, there’s a heavenly aroma of house-roasted South American beans and fresh-from-the-oven baked goods.  OH MY GOSH!

As soon as you walk in the place you are greeted with huge welcomes and smiles from all the staff and sort-of soft jazzy coffee house music.  The décor has a homey-without-being-homely feel and some kind of a sense of ‘awwww’ floods over you, like ‘I can stay here for as long as it takes ’til I feel ready to face the world again.’

We took advantage of the quaint atmosphere and sat out on the adorable double tiered deck that sported comfy furniture and a canopy of café strand lights.

Adult review:

Well, as we mentioned, coffee makes our world go round (well, if not go round, then at least it gets it kick started each day).  The coffee in this place was delicious!  We both ordered the ‘large mug’ (as Mike Meyers character from So I Married an Axe Murderer would say it) of nonfat, sugar free vanilla latte (known in the coffee shop world as a ‘skinny’ vanilla latte), really not expecting much—we were, after all, in some little no-name coffee shop in Ocean Shores, but we were blown away!!!  The latte was PERFECT; the coffee itself was rich and deep, with nutty undertones, and topped with a beautiful not-overly-thick, layer of foam.  WE COULD HAVE SAT AND SIPPED ALL DAY!


We, of course, had to have a little something-something to go along with our delectable beverages, so one of us ordered the cinnamon roll and the other a cranberry-walnut muffin.

The cinnamon roll was fabulous.  It was served warmed up and was soft and gooey.  It might have used a little more cinnamon, but for the most part was very good, and we certainly had no problem consuming it.


The cranberry-walnut muffin was tasty as well.  The muffin was delightfully satisfying texturally as the crunch of the nuts and the soft of the muffin came together.  The cranberry flavor was prominent without being overpowering.


Kids review:

One of the girls ordered a lemon-poppy seed muffin and the other a lemon bar.

The lemon-poppy seed muffin was the pick of our resident lemon-poppy seed muffin connoisseur.  Nine times out of 10 she dislikes the ones we purchase out and about, and often doesn’t even finish them.  This was not one of those times.  She dove into it before I could even get a photo of it (hence the half eaten muffin below) and the sounds of pure delight that emanated from her for the next 15 minutes were comical.  She said that she was amazed by the muffins crisp outside—“almost like it was fried”—and the finish of the soft lemony inside.  She’s a texture girl and loved the combination.


She declared:

“This is where I want to get breakfast EVERYDAY!”

“This is what I want for breakfast every single day and I’ll be good!” (Not sure where the last part of that came from, she’s a perfectly ‘good’ kid always.  Maybe it was meant more as a threat than a promise.  Maybe it was like, ‘If I don’t get this for breakfast every day I won’t be good.’  Not sure, we’ll let you know in later posts how that turns out.)

“Dad, for my next birthday, I know you’ll drive two and a half hours [its actually closer to three and a half hours for us], this is what I want!” pointing at her muffin.

I think she liked it.

The lemon bar was met with a review of, “It’s really delicious.”–Less enthusiastic, but a good review never the less.  She did add that the filling was very lemony and that it had a nice creamy texture.


The girls decided against their usual milk and instead for the complimentary lemon water, which they commented was ‘refreshing’.

Overall, we would definitely visit the Ocean Beach Roasters again.  With their house roasted coffee beans and all in-house made baked goods, you really can’t go wrong and may even feel like everything is a little more right.

May your family always eat well.


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