Breakwater Seafood and Chowder House–Aberdeen, WA

Breakwater Seafood and Chowder House
306 South F Street, Aberdeen 98520

Over All Experience:  Kids–3.5/5  Adults–4/5         Cost Out of Five: 3.5

The Breakwater Seafood and Chowder House located on the shores of the Wishkah River and near the Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park offers both fresh to-be-prepared-at-home and cooked ready-to-eat seafood.  It is a spendy place for a little off-the-beaten-path-establishment, but not horrible.

The overall feel of this restaurant is a little like Mel’s Diner meets The Old Man and the Sea.  With its nondescript decor and super sticky floors it’s a restaurant that uninspires on appearances alone.

The staff was some combination of tolerant-pleasant and annoyed-frustrated.  Depending on which one you talked with it was a crapshoot as to which personality you encountered.

Adult Review:

We ordered the Clam Strips and Chips and the Cod and Chips both served with Cole Slaw.

The Cod is, according to one of the friendlier staff members, panko breaded in-house–it was cooked perfectly.  It was crispy on the outside while remaining moist, flaky and not rubbery like some fish gets when cooked poorly.  The fries were great too, sporting crunchy exteriors while maintaining soft insides.

The Cole Slaw was a surprise! It was creamy and tangy with just the right amount of salt–usually restaurant prepared slaw requires additional salt at the table.  This was slaw we could all agree was delicious.


The Clam Strips and Chips were tasty as well, but the clams were a pre-made product (again according to the pleasant staff member) they ordered in from elsewhere (as are the chicken strips)–that was disappointing.  Clam strips are some of our favorite seafood and when they are fresh and in-house battered they can be absolutely amazing!


As we said earlier the floor was exceedingly sticky, so much so we found it difficult to slide our chairs across it.  The bathroom was out of hand soap and in its place was an industrial size bottle of Dawn dish soap–odd!  But the place was packed, both inside and on the outdoor deck area, so the floor cleanliness and hand-care products alone are not keeping this fisherman’s dream from doing a good clip of business.

We felt the food was good, but if service is a deal breaker for you, then you may want to seek other places for your seafood options.

Kids Review:

The kiddos ordered the Clam Chowder and the Cod and Chips served with the Cole Slaw.

The house-made Clam Chowder was creamy, smooth and hot and came instantly. It was delicious! The clams were cooked well without being rubbery. It got two huge thumbs up from the chowder connoisseur among us!


The other one liked the Cod and Chips, but gave it no rave reviews nor a diminishing one.  She decided it was just ‘okay’ although she did add that she had to admit it was flaky and moist and fairly tasty.

Overall the Breakwater has the feel of eating at some hole-in-the-wall establishment on the wharfs complete with salty sea-weathered staff and tasty seafood.

If you ever find yourself in Aberdeen, hungry and looking for someplace to eat you should check it out and when you do remember this blog and post your thoughts in the comments.


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