Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant, Snohomish, WA

Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant, 511 Maple Ave, Snohomish WA 98290

Over All Experience: 4/5      Cost:  $$$

This unassuming restaurant positioned at the Snohomish end of the Centennial Trail has a little something for everyone.   It offers craft beers and a modern spin on pub food.

Our family tried this establishment on a recent very warm summer day.  The atmosphere was both physically cool and visually interesting.  From its unique artwork to its green faux marble top tables and heavy industrial flair chairs it lends itself to a feel of an old-world pub meets a modern fern bar.

The cost to value was moderate and the food quality was above average.

Adult Review:

We both ordered the Brie Burger with Poppy Seed Broccoli Cole Slaw, one of the daily specials. We fell in deep smit with the sweet salty bacon jalapeno jelly and melted gooey brie cheese combination.  We both felt the beef patty was delicious and juicy as well, but that the bun was a little too firm of an option (it might have been a ciabatta) and, as a result, when we bit into it the cheese and jelly squished out all sides. However, that wasn’t a deal breaker as all the flavor was there and, after all, some of the best burgers are the messy ones.


We also liked the broccoli slaw salad, but it did need a little additional salt and the poppy seed dressing was lacking a ‘poppy seed’ flavor.

Our waitress was especially friendly and well-informed.  She knew the answers to all of our questions and was knowledgeable about the daily specials even making sure to let us know that she (and the rest of the staff) is encouraged to taste all of the specials at the beginning of each shift.

We finished off the meal with the in-house made Red, White and Blue Cheesecake and a cup of coffee.  The coffee was passible as coffee goes—not the best we’ve had, but far from the worse (you’ll notice coffee mentioned in all of our reviews if we ordered some as coffee is a favorite of ours).  The cheesecake however was really delicious.  It was creamy and not overly sweet and the berry compote was a nice combination of sweet and tart.


We liked the atmosphere and have no complaints about anything, unless it was that the place was packed and, as a result, a little loud.

Kid Review:

The kids ordered from the kids menu.  They did make the comment that they felt the children’s menu was small and from their point of view limited.  After some deliberation they decided on the Chicken Strips with in-house made Potato Chips.


They both really enjoyed them.  According to our waitress the chicken is hand breaded in-house with a gluten-free corn meal crust and served with homemade potato chips.  The girls’ one complaint was that the ranch served with their meal (which our waitress let us know was house-made too) was lacking flavor and ‘blah’.

The cheesecake was split 50/50 as far as them liking it.  One of them felt it was “AWESOME!”, but the other one took one bite and declined the rest of her dessert all together.

The girls appreciated the coloring sheet provided for them and decided that the fact that they were entertained while they waited for their meal was a positive.

The girls felt that the fact that there is a large bar that monopolizes the space was a negative as they ‘don’t want to see a bunch of people drinking’.

The kids did feel that the place was ‘fine’ and that they would eat there again.

Over all we all really liked the Trails End and would recommend it to anyone looking for a pub food meal with a modern flair.  If you do try it soon, please check back here and add your thoughts to the comments section.

May your family always eat well!


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