Welcome! Where do you want to eat tonight?

4 Hungry Mouths

Only a few more minutes till your work day ends and you are free for the weekend.  You are tired from a week full of work, school events, church events, social events, and all you want to do if head home and spend time with your family.  But wait!  You have one last obstacle before the weekend starts—dinner!  It’s Friday night, you’re exhausted and you still need to feed your family an evening meal.  What are you going to do?  You know asking for opinions from your little ones will garner less than helpful responses, ‘McDonalds!’, ‘Chuck E Cheeses’, ‘Ice Cream!’.

You want to eat somewhere that you will enjoy and the kids will like as well.  You would really like to know more about the place before you commit to dragging everyone out, waiting for a table and investing in a meal that you may walk away from shaking your head and murmuring something to the effect of, ‘Can’t believe that service, yikes!’ or ‘Not sure that food was worth the price.’

We are a family of four (well actually five, but our eldest is an adult and moved out of the house) and we know this scenario all too well.  We enjoy real food that is well prepared.  We expect service that is friendly, prompt and informed.  We like establishments that are clean and cared for.  We found that if we liked the restaurant then our kids probably didn’t and the places they liked we rarely found acceptable.

One evening while dining out at an above average Italian restaurant our children started critiquing the food, service, atmosphere and overall experience.  That’s when the brainstorm for this blog came about.  We thought how great it would be to have a restaurant review blog that shed light on establishments from both adult and kid points of view.

This blog will be broken down into two sections.  The first will be from our perspective and the second will be written by us as ghost writers for our children about their thoughts.

We look forward to getting started on this endeavor and hope that you will find it helpful and use it often to garner new insight into restaurants and how they will meet your family’s dining pleasure.


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